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Използваме бисквитки, за да осигурим възможно най-доброто преживяване в нашия уебсайт. За да работи правилно е необходимо съгласие с употребата им!
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Търсене на: Doerr

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Cloud Cuckoo Land
Anthony Doerr
Цена:  32.00 лв.
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Cloud Cuckoo Land -

Cloud Cuckoo Land

Anthony Doerr

Fourth Estate
Цена:  32.00 лв.
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Bound together by a single ancient text, the unforgettable characters of "Cloud Cuckoo Land" are dreamers and outsiders figuring out the world around them: thirteen-year-old Anna and Omeir, an orphaned seamstress and a cursed boy, on opposite sides of the formidable city walls during the 1453 siege of Constantinople; teenage idealist Seymour and octogenarian Zeno in an attack on a public library in present-day Idaho; and Konstance, decades from now, who turns to the oldest stories to guide her community in peril. Doerr has created a tapestry of times and places that reflects our own vast interconnectedness - ...
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