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100 Interiors Around the World -

100 Interiors Around the World

Цена:  39.90 лв.
Making stops in North and South America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia, this edition rounds up some of today’s most exceptional and inspiring interiors across six continents. From rustic minimalism to urbane eclecticism, the selection celebrates a global spectrum of styles, united by authenticity, a love of detail, and a zest for individual expression that will never go out of fashion. Includes interiors in Argentina, Brasil, China, Cuba, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Kenya, Morocco, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, the UK, the USA, and many more countries. With pictures by ...
The Costume History - Auguste Racinet -

The Costume History

Цена:  39.90 лв.
Auguste Racinet's Le Costume historique was the most wide-ranging and incisive study of clothing ever attempted. Covering the world history of costume, dress, and style from antiquity through to the end of the 19th century. The Complete Costume History is a rich source of inspiration for anyone with an interest in clothing and style. Originally published in France between 1876 and 1888, Auguste Racinet's "Le Costume historique" was in its day the most wide-ranging and incisive study of clothing ever attempted. Covering the world history of costume, dress, and style from antiquity through to the end of ...
Architectural Theory from the Renaissance to the Present -

Architectural Theory from the Renaissance to the Present

Цена:  39.90 лв.
The most influential architectural essays written since the Renaissance, copiously illustrated and neatly organized chronologically and by country. Discover the theories behind the structures in which we live, work, and play. From Alberti and Palladio to Le Corbusier and Koolhaas, this is the all-in-one, must-have book for anyone interested in what architects have to say about their craft. If you’ve ever wondered what goes through architects' minds when they design buildings, you’ll be happy to know that there's no shortage of brilliant reading material to satisfy your curiosity. Wading through the archives at ...
Cities of the World - George Braun, Franz Hogenberg -

Cities of the World


Цена:  139.90 лв.
Discover the Civitates orbis terrarum, a vintage jewel in urban cartography. Featuring town plans, bird's-eye views, maps and evocative city scenes across Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America, this is an unrivalled panorama of city living, and mapping, at the turn of the 17th century. More than four centuries on from its first publication, discover one of the jewels of urban cartography and civic studies. This quality reprint includes the most enchanting color plates from the Civitates orbis terrarum, a magnificent collection of town map engravings, produced between 1572 and 1617. Featuring plans, bird's- ...
Klimt - Gilles Neret -


Цена:  26.90 лв.
The unfading popularity of Gustav Klimt (1862 - 1918) attests not only to the particular appeal of his luxuriant painting but also to the universal themes with which he worked: love, feminine beauty, aging, and death. The son of a goldsmith, Klimt created surfaces of ornate and jewel-like luminosity which show influence of both Egyptian and Japanese art. Through paintings, murals, and friezes, his work is defined by radiant color, fluid lines, floral elements, and mosaic-like patterning. With a number of subjects dealing with sensuality and desire as well as anxiety and despair, all this iridescence is also suffused ...
Monet or the Triumph of Impressionism - Daniel Wildenstein -

Monet or the Triumph of Impressionism

Цена:  39.90 лв.
Master of the sublime: The essential Impressionist. ... No other artist, apart from J.M.W. Turner, tried as hard as Claude Monet (1840 - 1926) to capture light itself on canvas. Of all the Impressionists, it was the man Cezanne called "only an eye, but my God what an eye!" who stayed true to the principle of absolute fidelity to the visual sensation, painting directly from the object. It could be said that Monet reinvented the possibilities of color. Whether it was through his early interest in Japanese prints, his time as a conscript in the dazzling light of Algeria, or his personal acquaintance with the ...
Green Architecture Now! Volume 1 -

Green Architecture Now! Volume 1

Цена:  24.90 лв.
The ecological impact of new construction, once a secondary concern, has become a crucial issue. Badly designed buildings guzzle natural resources and pollute their surroundings. This book features the architects, artists and firms pioneering a new green architecture, and examines the emergent aesthetics. ...
Modern Architecture A - Z -

Modern Architecture A - Z

Цена:  94.90 лв.
With more than 280 entries, this architectural A - Z, now part of our "Bibliotheca Universalis" series, offers an indispensable overview of the key players in the creation of modern space. From the period spanning the 19th to the 21st century, pioneering architects are featured with a portrait, concise biography, as well as a description of her or his important work. Like a bespoke global architecture tour, you'll travel from Manhattan skyscrapers to a Japanese concert hall, from Gaudi's Palau Guell in Barcelona to Lina Bo Bardi's sports and leisure center in a former factory site in Sao Paulo. ...
Sebastiao Salgado. Exodus -

Sebastiao Salgado. Exodus

Цена:  124.90 лв.
A new edition of the classic and timely record of refugees and migrants on the move. ... It has been almost a generation since Sebastiao Salgado first published Exodus but the story it tells, of fraught human movement around the globe, has changed little in 16 years. The push and pull factors may shift, the nexus of conflict relocates from Rwanda to Syria, but the people who leave their homes tell the same tale: deprivation, hardship, and glimmers of hope, plotted along a journey of great psychological, as well as physical, toil. Salgado spent six years with migrant peoples, visiting more than 35 countries to document ...
Sebastiao Salgado. Africa - Mia Couto -

Sebastiao Salgado. Africa

Цена:  159.90 лв.
This stunning book is not only a sweeping document of Africa but an homage to the continent's history, people, and natural phenomena. ... Sebastiao Salgado is one the most respected photojournalists working today, his reputation forged by decades of dedication and powerful black-and-white images of dispossessed and distressed people taken in places where most wouldn't dare to go. Although he has photographed throughout South America and around the globe, his work most heavily concentrates on Africa, where he has shot more than 40 reportage works over a period of 30 years. From the Dinka tribes in Sudan and the ...
Illustration Now! Portraits - Steven Heller -

Illustration Now! Portraits

Цена:  39.90 лв.
The field of illustration has flourished over the last decade, with professionals working both on computers and by hand. In illustration, the single most challenging and captivating subject has been the portrait, frequently used in editorials, advertising, products, and most recently, being the subject of major exhibitions. This book gathers together the exclusive portrait work of over 80 illustrators from all over the world, many of whom were featured in our Illustration Now! series, including Aaron Jasinski, Andre Carrilho, Hanoch Piven, Anita Kunz, Jody Hewgill, and Dugald Stermer. The book also includes an index of ...
Christo and Jeanne-Claude. The Floating Piers - Jonathan William Henery, Wolfgang Volz -

Christo and Jeanne-Claude. The Floating Piers


Цена:  49.90 лв.
Lake Iseo, Italy 2014 - 2016. Multilingual Edition: English, Italian. ... "From June 18 to July 3, 2016, 100 kilometers east of Milan and 200 kilometers west of Venice, thousands of people will walk on water. The Floating Piers by Christo and Jeanne-Claude deploys 70,000 square meters of shimmering yellow fabric above a modular floating dock system of 220,000 high-density polyethylene cubes to create a temporary three kilometer walkway across the surface of Lake Iseo, connecting the mainland to the islands of Monte Isola and San Paolo. The piers are 16 meters wide and approximately 40 centimeters high, with ...
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Свилен Блажев. Избрани творби (1984-2013) : Svilen Blazhev. Selected Works (1984-2013) - Филип Попов -
Свилен Блажев. Избрани ...
Филип Попов
Двуезично издание на български и английски език. : "Беше преди двайсетина години... Стоях в ...
Dali - Gilles Neret -
Gilles Neret
Painter, sculptor, writer, film-maker, and all-round showman Salvador Dali (1904 - 1989) was one of ...
Leonardo - Frank Zollner -
Frank Zollner
Filling notebook after notebook with sketches, inventions, and theories, Leonardo da Vinci (1452 - ...
A History of Photography From 1839 To The Present -
A History of Photography ...
George Eastman's career developed in a particularly American way. The founder of Kodak progressed ...
Перспективата: Как да я видим и нарисуваме - Матю Брем -
Перспективата: Как да я ...
Матю Брем
Включва 32 страници с упражнения и разграфени листове за рисуване и довършване на картини. : Тази ...
Modern Art in Bulgaria: First histories and present narratives beyond the paradigm of modernity - Irina Genova -
Modern Art in Bulgaria: ...
Irina Genova
"Irina Genova has greatly contributed to the wider knowledge about Bulgarian art: thanks to her ...
Remembering the People of Afghanistan  - Бабак Салари  -
Remembering the People of ...
Бабак Салари
"In a fast paced world with media focused on single, dramatic images there is the danger that ...
Cool Restaurants Amsterdam - Borja de Miguel -
Cool Restaurants Amsterdam
Borja de Miguel
Amsterdam is a city at the cutting-edge of international trends in fashion, art, architecture, and ...
Faces, Bodies, Personas: Tracing Cuban Stories : Лица, тела, персонажи: Истории от Куба - Babak Salari -
Faces, Bodies, Personas: ...
Babak Salari
Двуезично издание на български и английски език. : "The rich collection of almost one hundred ...
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