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The Startup Way - Eric Ries -

The Startup Way

Цена:  26.90 лв.
How Entrepreneurial Management Transforms Culture and Drives Growth. Author of the international Bestseller "The Lean Startup". ... Entrepreneur and bestselling author of The Lean Startup, Eric Ries reveals how entrepreneurial principles can be used by businesses of all kinds, ranging from established companies to early-stage startups, to grow revenues, drive innovation, and transform themselves into truly modern organizations, poised to take advantage of the enormous opportunities of the twenty-first century. In The Lean Startup, Eric Ries laid out the practices of successful startups - building a ...
The Ancient Egyptian Story of the Shipwrecked Sailor - Sergei Ignatov -

The Ancient Egyptian Story of the Shipwrecked Sailor

Нов български университет
Цена:  23.00 лв.
Morphology of Classical Egypt. ... The main corpus of the study represents a source study of pHermitage 1115, containing the text, which describes the encounter and the discourse of an Egyptian man with a deity. The text is considered in a dialogue with the texts of the epoch, i.e. the principle is followed that in order to understand an ancient text, one has to study all the other ones that are accessible. The uniqueness of the presented papyrus lies in the fact that it contains the most ancient evidence of prayer and of sacrifice, committed without the mediation of priests and is the most ancient story, describing a ...
Megalithic Monuments and Cult Practices -

Megalithic Monuments and Cult Practices

ЮЗУ "Неофит Рилски"
Цена:  18.00 лв.
Proceedings of the Second International Symposium Blagoevgrad. ... From 12th to October 15th, 2016 at the Southwestern University "Neofit Rilski" was held the "Second International Symposium" Megalithic monuments and cult practices." The symposium was organized by the University research center for ancient European and Eastern Mediterranean cultures at SWU "Neophyte Rilski". Co-organizers were the Faculty of Arts; Department of Cultural Studies; Institute for Space research and technology BAS; Regional Ethnographic Museum - Plovdiv; Association "Boreas". In scientific ...
Atlas of Human Anatomy and Surgery - Jean-Marie Le Minor, Henri Sick -

Atlas of Human Anatomy and Surgery


Цена:  34.90 лв.
Atlas d'anatomie humaine et de chirurgie. Atlas der menschlichen anatomie und der Chirurgie. Multilingual Edition: English, French, German. ... We owe a great debt to Jean Baptiste Marc Bourgery (1797 - 1849) for his Atlas of Anatomy, which was not only a massive event in medical history, but also remains one of the most comprehensive and beautifully illustrated anatomical treatises ever published. Bourgery began work on his magnificent atlas in 1830 in cooperation with illustrator Nicolas Henri Jacob (1782 - 1871), a student of the French painter Jacques Louis David. The first volumes were published the ...
National Geographic Infographics -

National Geographic Infographics

Цена:  81.19 лв.
Multilingual Edition: English, French, German. ... Back in the days when the information age was a distant dream and the world a more mysterious place, National Geographic began its mission to reveal the wonders of history, popular science, and culture to eager audiences around the globe. Since that 1888 launch, the world has changed; empires have risen and crumbled and a galaxy of information is today only a click away. But National Geographic endures; its calm, authoritative voice is as respected as ever amid the surfeit of data in our daily lives. In this new anthology, Taschen and National Geographic gather the ...
The Body of God: Word and Image in Ancient Egypt - Sergei Ignatov -

The Body of God: Word and Image in Ancient Egypt

Нов български университет
Цена:  24.00 лв.
Тази книга е представена със сканирани страници!
Sergei Ignatov: Professor of Egyptology, New Bulgarian University, Sofia Founder and director of the Bulgarian institute of Egyptology, New Bulgarian University, Sofia M.A. and Ph.D. in Egyptology from St. Petersburg University, Russia. Specialized in All Souls College, Oxford He served as a Minister of Education, Youth and Science, 2009 - 2013 Rector of New Bulgarian University 2002 - 2009 Dean of the Undergraduate School, NBU 1999 - 2002 Head of the eapertment of Mediterranean and Oriental Studies, NBU 1998 0 2002 Has published widely in the field of Egyptology ...
Illustrated History of Bulgaria - Iskra Baeva, Evgenia Kalinova -

Illustrated History of Bulgaria


Цена:  45.00 лв.
Bulgaria made its first steps as an independent state in the distant 681. It is one of the centuries. Its geographical position on the Balkans, the crossing of roads from and to Europe, Africa and Asia, determined the difficult historical destiny of the Bulgarian, state. The hardest ordeal for the Bulgarians was the annihilation of their state by the Ottoman Empire during the 14th century. For nearly five centuries Bulgaria did not exist, but the Bulgarians manager to preserve their national identity. During the second half of the 19th century the Bulgarian state once again appeared on the map of Europe and tried to catch ...
Многолика България - Вяра Канджева, Антоний Ханджийски -

Многолика България


Цена:  42.00 лв.
Книгата се предлага в две издания - на български и на руски език. ... "Многолика България" представя разнообразни и пъстри картини от българската природа, различни знакови паметници изобразяващи многопластова история запазени в българските земи, заедно с обичаи и обреди, които са оцелели през вековете. Книгата съдържа 260 цветни илюстрации. ...
De la Litterature a la Vie - Stoyan Atanassov -

De la Litterature a la Vie

Цена:  30.00 лв.
Moyen Age, Temps Modernes. ... "La litterature est un art de dire le reel ou bien de traduire une experience humaine façonnee au gre de l'imagination poetique. À ce titre, elle releve de tout un contexte historique. Celui-ci implique des faits et des phenomenes sociaux, certes, mais aussi une specificite esthetique et une ecriture individuelle. Cette vision très générale de la litterature determine pour l'essentiel la nature des etudes reunies dans le present recueil. Elles portent sur des textes et des auteurs majeurs, ainsi que sur quelques problemes qui etaient, ou qui restent ...
Dissemination and development: Physics and mathematics on the Balkans - A. G. Petrov, G. Kamisheva, R. Kamburova -

Dissemination and development: Physics and mathematics on the Balkans

, ,

Цена:  30.00 лв.
Тази книга е представена със сканирани страници!
"We have to keep in mind that physics, however complicated this science might appear, has been developed by human kind, that therein persons and their fascinating fates have been involved, who achieved advances only in scientific data and research reports, but also in the richness of its historical scientific, in photographic plates and in the scientist's biography. This historical documentation is certainly the basis to start form, but thereafter, the physicists will have to continue the job on their own, somehow they must accomplish the discoverer's achievements afresh and they have a duty to impart results ...
Great Civilisations. Diverse and Magnificent Cultures -

Great Civilisations. Diverse and Magnificent Cultures

Цена:  8.90 лв.
Тази книга е представена със сканирани страници!
This book outlines the origins of the world's people, their politics and power struggles, wars, conquests and peacemaking, explorations and empires, trade and industry, science and technology, societies and cultures, religions, myths, art and creativity. From the familiar tales from Greece and Rome and the opulence of the major Chinese dynasties, to the great empire of Egypt and Mesopotamia, "Great Civilisations" encompasses the rise and fall, victories and defeats, leaders and subjects of many diverse and magnificent cultures. ...
The Eureka Factor - John Kounios, Mark Beeman -

The Eureka Factor


Цена:  24.00 лв.
Тази книга е представена със сканирани страници!
Creative insights and the brain. ... The book answers the questions: Where do great ideas come from? What actually happens in your brain during a "Eureka" moment? And how can we have more of them? It has been two millenia since Archimedes supposedly first shouted "Eureka!" as he sat in his bath. The word - Greek for "I have found it" - captures the feeling we have all experienced during moments of sudden insight. Despite a century of scientific inquiry into the nature of these particular moments, their origin has remained a mystery. Mark Beeman and John Kounios, leading experts ...
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Прочетете за българската следа в науката, изкуството, просветата, предприемачеството и ...
Произход. Пустинна клетва
Излиза дългоочакваната деветата книга от култовата поредица "Орденът на асасините" от Оливър Боудън.
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Yildiz heisst Stern - Isolde Heyne -
Yildiz heisst Stern
Isolde Heyne
Leichte Lektüren für Jugendliche. : Yildiz ist ein junges türkisches Mädchen, das ...
A Brief History Of Time - Stephen Hawking -
A Brief History Of Time
Stephen Hawking
From the Big Bang to Black Holes. The Record-Breaking Bestseller. : Was there a beginning of time? ...
Картинен речник Disney English с 1000 думи -
Картинен речник Disney ...
Този картинен речник, организиран тематично, съдържа около 1000 от най-често използваните думи в ...
Training TestDaF: Помагало за подготовка за изпитита + 2 CD - Gabriele Kniffka, Bärbel Gutzat -
Training TestDaF: Помагало ...
Gabriele Kniffka, Bärbel ...
„Trainig TestDaf“ е учебно помагало, специално разработено за подготовка за сертификатния изпит „Test ...
Тематични листове за обучение по немски език - Лилия Лечева, Ренета Лазарова -
Тематични листове за ...
Лилия Лечева, Ренета Лазарова
Учебното помагало за напреднали е разработено на базата на актуални материали от различни медии ( ...
Español 2000. Nivel superior solucionario -
Español 2000. Nivel ...
Metodo avalado por la experiencia de aula de Espanol 2000 con un formato renovado: diseno, ...
Lekture - Stufe 3 (A2 - B1) : Stille Nacht: книга + CD - Theo Scherling, Sabine Wenkums -
Lekture - Stufe 3 (A2 - B1)...
Theo Scherling, Sabine Wenkums
Leichte Lektüre für Deutsch als Fremdsprache Stufe 3 (ab A2). : Weihnachten steht vor der T&# ...
Erzählungen Band 8 - ниво B1: Heiße Spur in München. Das Herz von Dresden + 2 CD - Stefanie Wülfing, Cordula Schurig -
Erzählungen Band 8 - ...
Stefanie Wülfing, Cordula ...
"Erzählungen Band" са увлекателни адаптирани разкази и криминални истории, с които ...