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Използваме бисквитки, за да осигурим възможно най-доброто преживяване в нашия уебсайт. За да работи правилно е необходимо съгласие с употребата им!
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Книги от William Potter

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Solve the Puzzles, Save the World: Maths Adventures -

Solve the Puzzles, Save the World: Maths Adventures

William Potter

Arcturus Publishing
Цена:  18.90 лв.
This full-colour book contains four different exciting adventure stories, with an interactive twist! In order to progress through each story, the reader must solve a series of fun maths puzzles. Help the Infinity Squad to save Prime City from the evil Doc Zero... work with Anna Kadabra to solve the riddle of the Division Dragon... blast into space the Haley Comet and the Mathstronauts... and explore the mysterious city of El Numero! Suitable for readers aged 7 and up. The book is part of the series "Solve the Puzzles, Save the World". ...
Whizz Kidz: Number Puzzles -

Whizz Kidz: Number Puzzles

William Potter

Arcturus Publishing
Цена:  16.00 лв.
Test your maths and number skills in this jam-packed collection of colourful puzzles! Filled with super-cool number games to test your logical thinking, this book is guaranteed to provide hours of fun for both beginners and more experienced kids aged 7 and up. You never know until you try - it might just be a piece of Pi! ...
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